a chicken-y … thing

Cooking has been conspicuous by its absence chez Jordan for the past couple of weeks – we’ve been eating out of the freezer, or takeaways, but I did have a final fling with my ancient gas cooker Sunday before last, and roast a chickie!, with Yorkshire pud and roast potatoes.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, Yorky batter freezes perfectly well – I didn’t know, so I tried it out, and it was fine. That’s useful for us, because one egg’s worth of batter is too much pudding for two of us.

We had cold chicken with baked potato and red cabbage (from the freezer) one night, and then it languished in the fridge, because the cooker had been disconnected. On Friday, Pete dismantled the carcass and there was a fair bit of meat left. The bones went variously into the freezer and into the cats, and I bore the meat into the Makeshift Kitchen. I had a tub of veg left over from Sunday – carrots, leeks and green beans cooked in my ever faithful Marigold veg bouillon, so I thought I could fashion something from it all.

I set my big Le Creuset sauté pan on the halogen hob, and fried off a pack of bacon lardons in some olive oil. Then I added the veg, then two heaped teaspoons of grain mustard and some flour, and fashioned a sort of white sauce affair with milk. In went the chicken meat, and it was all stirred together till it was warmed through.

We had it with rice (our method is 13 minutes on the hob and 13 minutes off, so this chicken affair cooked in the second 13 minutes). It wasn’t terribly special – was lacking something in the flavour – but it used up the leftovers, and there’s another tub of the mix in the freezer: I shall fashion it into a pie when I have a kitchen again.

Today the plumber came and did his first fix, and so now we have no water either. However, we do have dry rot in the kitchen floor; isn’t that nice? So we’re waiting for Mr DryRotMan to tell us when he can come and rip it all out and charge us a fortune before the kitchen can be fitted.

Lend us a tenner?

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  1. Kadeeae says:

    Had a chickeny-thing a couple weeks back, very similar, which also lacked ‘something- I shall try harder on the next.

    Can I just say, I have subscribed here for ages and have, on occasion, dropped by Nibblous for inspiration…but, today (and I don’t know why I’ve not done it sooner) I signed up. Have also been looking ’round your various blogs/sites and just spent the better part of an hour clicking on this link and that, journeying through them 🙂

    And, lol, I shall get you added to my Twitter (aka Wazzat) stream also! Thought I’d best say, lest you think you’re being stalked 😀

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