more tales from the makeshift kitchen

The fitter came round to do the final measuring, so fitting will start either in two weeks or three, which is manageable. I think.

Meanwhile, here’s some of what we’ve been eating:

  • courgette and tomato pasta bake: this was OK, but it took absolutely ages – cook onion and courgettes, add tomato and wine, cook some more. Set aside, cook pasta (remember we only have one working ring), mix together, top with mozzarella, cook in Remoska for 20 minutes. Late supper than night.
  • lentils with chicken and spinach – the lentils and chicken came out of the freezer, and the half bag of spinach was tipped in and wilted at the end. This one was easy – we do our basmati for 13 minutes on the heat and 13 off, so the lentils could cook while the rice was resting
  • cauliflower cheese, with my first microwave cheese sauce – this was OK, though I’d rather do it on the job
  • couple of cabbage meals – easy one dish ones

We’ve discovered that the ring on the induction hob is really too small for a lot of stuff – Pete made some drop scones on the cast iron griddle, but it didn’t heat up at the edges, so they took much longer than usual. Also, we have to start cooking a lot earlier than usual – everything takes so much longer when you have nowhere really to chop, etc.

We still have the sink plumbed in, thankfully, and that will stay until it’s replaced, and we still have the gas cooker, but it has stuff piled on top of it, and we’re only using it to roast potatoes and so forth.

So we soldier on – today we had some lamb shanks from the freezer, that I cooked a couple of months ago. They went into the gas oven, and we roasted some spuds, and steamed some broccoli on the induction hob. We had a takeaway on Friday, and we were out last night, but we can’t afford to do that too often.

Not too long now though!