corned beef hash

We haven’t had this for ages, and it’s a really tasty, easy meal if you have the bits ready cooked. Which we had.

Chop an onion and fry it off in, ideally, some dripping, but oil would do. I suppose. Add chopped cooked potatoes, and something green in the way of vegetables – cooked cabbage, sprouts, spring greens – we had sprouts left from last night. Cook gently until it’s all starting to break down, then add a can of corned beef, cut into dice, and continue to cook gently until that breaks down too.

In a perfect world, you’d be using a non-stick sort of pan so you could bring up the heat and brown it off, but in my current kitchen-free world, I was using a cast iron sauté pan, and didn’t dare do that, because I couldn’t face the certain sticking.

That’s it, really – very nice with HP Sauce, for those of us with taste, or Lea and Perrins Worcester sauce, for those who don’t. One pot cooking.