thai stir fry

Red Pepper by JenOneill, on FlickrWell, we almost have a kitchen again, although there are still some shelves to do, and the very last bit of painting, and the floor to lay, so I’m not going to bore you all with any final pictures until it’s finished.

The freezer and the fridge have been fairly run down over the past couple of months, and a mega shop is in the offing, but I rummaged about in the freezer yesterday and found a lone pork steak which I thought would do for supper. There was also a bag of peppers looking a little forlorn. Later in the day, I asked Pete if he would like rice or pasta, and he said he’d prefer rice, so that dictated what I did.

I cut the pork into thin strips, and fried it in some groundnut oil, in a wok (oh – the joys of a proper wok ring!), then set it aside. Then chopped three small tired spring onions, and sliced a handful of left over mushrooms and a huge red pepper, hurled them in the wok and cooked them down, then cheated a bit. I keep jars of ginger, chilli, etc in the fridge for when tiredness strikes, so I used those, plus jarred garlic, lemon grass, and thai curry paste – added a teaspoon or so of each, then mixed up about 3/4 mug of powdered coconut milk (such a useful cupboard ingredient), and simmered it down to reduce.

It took as long, start to finish, as the rice, i.e. 26 minutes. And I had a glass of home made elderflower wine while I cooked it. I do like my new kitchen 🙂