tuna and kidney bean salad

I put a stack of kidney beans into to soak on Thursday night, and boiled them up in the slow cooker on Friday. I really do recommend slow cookers for beans – they don’t fill the kitchen with steam, they don’t need topping up, the beans don’t stick.

On Saturday, I made a tuna and bean salad with what I was hoping would be half the beans, but for once I had underestimated (we normally have Far Too Many Beans when I used dried), so I had to have a mull. Which I did, and the reply comes next.

Into a bowl went the beans, a well drained can of tuna fish, some chopped onion, some coriander leaves, enough mayo to stir it together, and some lime juice, salt and pepper. It was very nice, except it lacked … something. I don’t know what. But the flavour wasn’t all that nice.I shall mull.

But it was quick and cheap, and used up beans, so that’s OK.