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salad, salad, salad

We’re not huge fans of salad, or at least of the lettuce-ish variety; however, recently I’ve been making us a raw vegetable based luncheon a few days a week, on the basis that I eat too many carbs, and we could both do with more fresh veg.

Mostly, it is some combination of cucumber, spring onions, celery, radishes, with the addition of some beans, or tuna, or whatever, and a dollop of one of Aldi’s excellent bottled salad dressings (£0.99 a bottle, from memory), I generally keep a few of them in the fridge.

Autumn is coming, however. And the only salady veg in the fridge today were spronions, cucumber and celery. I chopped some up, but the bowl looked a bit … meagre. I grabbed a Very Large Carrot from the veg drawer, fitted the appropriate blade to the Magimix (I find grating by hand very difficult because of my paws), and grated it up, then added it to the bowl.

It still looked a bit dull, so in went about half a can of white beans, and then I wondered if there was any feta. There wasn’t, but there was half a pack of halloumi! I diced it up, and fried it up quickly until it was crispy, then in it went, with some honey and mustard dressing.

It was all absolutely delicious, and really healthy. We’ll be doing that again. And of course, there will be coleslaws in our near future too.

tuna and kidney bean salad

I put a stack of kidney beans into to soak on Thursday night, and boiled them up in the slow cooker on Friday. I really do recommend slow cookers for beans – they don’t fill the kitchen with steam, they don’t need topping up, the beans don’t stick.

On Saturday, I made a tuna and bean salad with what I was hoping would be half the beans, but for once I had underestimated (we normally have Far Too Many Beans when I used dried), so I had to have a mull. Which I did, and the reply comes next.

Into a bowl went the beans, a well drained can of tuna fish, some chopped onion, some coriander leaves, enough mayo to stir it together, and some lime juice, salt and pepper. It was very nice, except it lacked … something. I don’t know what. But the flavour wasn’t all that nice.I shall mull.

But it was quick and cheap, and used up beans, so that’s OK.

what to do with leftover kebab

We don’t as, as a rule, eat takeaway food. It’s cheap here in Hull, but it’s not terribly good for diabetics 🙂 But we did have a kebab on Saturday night. Now, this is not the sort of kebab you get from the corner van, that smells so inviting when you’re on your way home from the pub – this is from a Lebanese restaurant, Ranoosh, on Beverley Road, and their food is just gorgeous.

We had Makanek (Lebanese sausages flambeed in lemon), Halloumi Cheese, Mixed Grillof 4 skewers: Lamb meshwi, shish taouk & 2 kofta, and Mixed Chawarma – Slices of marinated lamb & chicken roasted on a skewer. It arrived with two portions of rice, salad and a selection of dips, and was delivered to the door for the princely sum of £21. And there was too much to eat, so we put the leftover meat into the fridge.

For today’s lunch, I chopped up the meat, and added radish, cucumber, red pepper, spring onions and half a can of chickpeas, plus lemon juice, black pepper and a little mayonnaise. Pete had some Indian flat bread too. ‘Twas lovely.

broad beans with pancetta and tuna

broad beans

A bag of broad beans arrived in the veg box on Friday; we like ’em, but you don’t get many once you’ve removed them from the huge furry pods.

I simmered them for about ten minutes, then drained, blanched, and put in a big bowl.  I fried off a pack of pancetta cubes and put them to drain on some kitchen roll, then fried some cold potatoes from the fridge in the fat, and drained them similarly.  Then they went into the bowl with a tin of tuna and a dressing made from the juice of half a lemon (that was in the fridge in clingfilm), a little walnut oil, and a generous teaspoon of dijon mustard.

Lovely summer food.

a lunchtime salad

yesterday's lunch

using up: the last of a cabbage, two expired wheaten wraps, the remains of a bunch of coriander

We work at home, and for lunch at this time of year we generally have soup, bread or crackers, and cheese or meat, or something similar.  But it can get very boring, and we’d finished this week’s soup early, so yesterday we had a bit of a change.

I shredded about a quarter of a green cabbage and two carrots in the Magimix. Added some grated fresh ginger, mayonnaise, soy sauce, bit of lime juice, chopped coriander.  I was going to put in the feta that needed eating, but it seemed a step too far.  Pete roasted some seeds – pumpkin, sesame and sunflower, and added some tamari and they got lobbed in.

The last two wheat wraps were put under a hot grill.  Worked really well, the whole thing.

warm salad of broad beans, tuna, bacon and potato

warm salad of broad beans, tuna, bacon and potato

Apologies for the quality of the photo – not sure what happened there!

Using up: broad beans, (old) new potatoes. bacon

This one really was off the top of my head – Pete wasn’t sure about the tuna and bacon together, but he is now 🙂

I cooked maybe 750g of new potatoes that were looking a bit weary, and steamed some fresh broad beans over them for about 6 minutes.  While that was going on, I fried 3 thin rashers of bacon, chopped into strips, then drained it on kitchen paper; I kept the olive oil I cooked the bacon in.

Chopped up some herbs from the garden (Pete got them, I think there were chives, fennel, flat leaf parsley, rosemary and savory), and a green onion.  Opened a can of tuna in sunflower oil – tuna and bacon go really well together.

Combined all that in a bowl, and made a dressing from the baconified olive oil (plus a bit more), a teaspoon of grain mustard, and some white wine vinegar. Added the potatoes and beans, stirred it all together, ate from bowls.  It was very very nice.

Oh – we didn’t eat all those spuds, for that would be piggy indeed.  About half of them are in a bowl in the fridge, and they are going to be eaten tonight, fried up, to accompany some venison sossidges which came out of the freezer this morning.  YUM.  We like sossidge.

lunchtime salad


A warm May day in Somerset, so we rummaged in the fridge and larder, and concocted a salad:
Red pepper, borlotti beans, spring onions, shredded cabbage, cucumber, feta cheese, walnut oil, tamari, lemon juice, packet of seeds.
Accompanied by pitta bread lightly toasted, then cut into strips. Just the job.