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two bean goulash thing

I looked at the remaining kidney beans, and I really felt that they weren’t going to make a substantial meal, so I bunged a load of black eyed beans into soak. I know you don’t generally need to soak/boil them, but these were quite elderly, so I thought it best.

On Sunday morning, I nipped round to the Turkish greengrocer and bought six red peppers, a huge mound of broad beans in their pods, a bunch of flat parsley, two aubergines, and two courgettes. And an enormous tin of tomato puree for 99 pence!

So on Sunday, into the slow cooker went three red peppers and two onions, thinly sliced, plus four carrots and a courgette, some diced chorizo from the very old one I found in back of the fridge, and a little olive oil. And a bit later, four diced cloves of garlic, because you can’t have too much garlic.

Left that for a while to soften the veg, then added the remainder of the kidney beans, the black eyed beans (which I had boiled for 30 minutes earlier). I put half the tomato purée in a bowl, added about a glass of red wine left over from the other night, and some water, then added that to the slow cooker. Also added some bay leaves, and chopped fennel leaves, from my herb garden. Seasoned it a bit and left it for a couple of hours.

I’d made some barley bread (because i found some barley flour in the flour cupboard) in the morning and left it to rise, so baked that off to accompany the bean stew. It was so gorgeous we went back for seconds, and there’s still a load left.

The rest of the tomato purée was mixed with the last of the red wine and a little water, and put in the freezer. That’s really cracking value, and I shall be using it again.

Using up:
black eyed beans
barley flour

tuna and kidney bean salad

I put a stack of kidney beans into to soak on Thursday night, and boiled them up in the slow cooker on Friday. I really do recommend slow cookers for beans – they don’t fill the kitchen with steam, they don’t need topping up, the beans don’t stick.

On Saturday, I made a tuna and bean salad with what I was hoping would be half the beans, but for once I had underestimated (we normally have Far Too Many Beans when I used dried), so I had to have a mull. Which I did, and the reply comes next.

Into a bowl went the beans, a well drained can of tuna fish, some chopped onion, some coriander leaves, enough mayo to stir it together, and some lime juice, salt and pepper. It was very nice, except it lacked … something. I don’t know what. But the flavour wasn’t all that nice.I shall mull.

But it was quick and cheap, and used up beans, so that’s OK.

a couple of roast peppers

We had a couple of roasted yellow peppers languishing in the fridge in a jar – not enough to do anything substantial with, but needed using up all the same.

Working at home, lunches get very samey – usually soup, bread and cheese or cold meat, although I have to be careful with cheese now 🙁   So occasionally, we branch out and do something a tad more exotic, and the peppers proved to be inspiration.

I chopped an onion in half and sliced it thinly, then sautéd it in some olive oil with some chopped garlic. Added some ras el hanout and stirred it about, then added the peppers, thinly sliced.  Then in went a can of drained kidney beans, and a little stock made from Marigold bouillon and some arrowroot to thicken it). Warmed it all through for about 10 minutes.  We ate it with toasted wholemeal pitta – delicious!