lazy chicken team waste

the supermarket run

So called, because it was cooked up with all the stuff left over from our camping trip to Wales with our friends.

I had a pack of chicken thighs, so they were chopped up and browned off in some groundnut oil, then put in the slow cooker.  Then I fried off some onions in the oil, added a chopped aubergine and courgette, and a sliced red pepper.  I’d bought some “lazy” spices for the trip – jars of garlic, lemongrass, chilli, that sort of thing.  So in went garlic and harissa.  Then the juice of 1.5 lemons (there was a half in the fridge) and a lime, as we had heaps of citrus fruit left.

All into the slow cooker, left on high for about four hours, then turned down to low for the last two.

Served it with rice.  Lovely.


  1. Love “throw-in” meals created in the slow cooker, have never had a bad one yet!

    *keeps fingers crossed*

  2. oooh I’ll have to try this!

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