quick onion gravy

We had sausages and root mash last night – one of our favourites. But I forgot to organise onion gravy.

Ideally, for onion gravy, you should cook the onions slowly, but by the time I thought of it, it would have been too late to cook them properly at all. So, in a bit of a rush, I devised a quick version. Please don’t revile me.

I made a roux with a small knob (25g, maybe?) of butter and a tablespoon of plain flour. Added about half a glass of red wine, left from a bottle opened about three weeks ago (!), and not finished – whatever is wrong with us? Whisked that until there were no lumps,  then added a little stock pot thing that I picked up in Morrisons yesterday, 8 for a quid. Then water until the consistency was right. And then – oh the shame – I added a couple of spoonfuls of crispy dried onions.

And, do you know, it was perfectly acceptable. Not as nice, of course, but did quite well enough for the job. One to remember.