fusion risotto

fusion risotto

using up: cold roast duck, 1/4 tin coconut milk

Now, this really was quite barking, and I wasn’t at all sure it would work, but nothing ventured, etc.

As I said, there was more duck left on the carcass than we thought, so risotto seemed appropriate.  Basic rule of risotto in this house is 5 oz risotto rice to 1 pint liquid; the liquid can be anything you like, or a permutation there of – stock, wine, lemon juice, water.  So, I thought, in a mad, end-of-the-week sort of way, why not use up the bit of coconut milk left from the spring greens the other night.

So: one leek, fairly finely chopped, sautéd in olive oil and butter; I like butter in a risotto.  Put the coconut milk in a jug and topped it up to a pint with water, added a pinch of Marigold vegetable powder.  If you don’t have this in your larder, I strongly recommend you get some – it’s a great invention.

Put the rice in with the leek and stir it around to coat it, then start adding the liquid.  I will confess here that I used to be bone idle, and put all the liquid in at this point and bung the dish in the oven, but what with the price of gas these days, I’m trying to use the hob more, so I’m actually doing it risotto in a more tradiitonal way.  I don’t keep the stock bubbling on the hob though, I’m afraid; purists, feel free to tut.

Add the liquid bit by bit, stirring all the while so that it is absorbed by the rice, then add a bit more.  When I’d used almost all the liquid, I put in the shredded duck, some sel gris, and black pepper.  And then I threw all caution to the wind, fully embraced the Thai / Italian fusion thing, and added some lime juice.

It really had no business working, but it was gorgeous. Only very slightly coconuty, but a beautiful texture and the flavours went together really really well.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever be able to recreate it, but I might try – prawns would work instead of duck.