corned beef hash

Having tackled some of the sprout overload on Wednesday night, we looked at the 1.5 cabbages in the fridge yesterday and thought “we really should eat some of that”.

So – cut up a couple of biggish spuds into smallish chunks, and put them in the bottom half of the steamer to boil.  Shredded not very much of a cabbage – it goes a long way, does cabbage, and put it on to steam for the last six minutes of the potato boiling.

Chopped an onion, and set it to fry in some oil – unaccountably, we have run out of dripping, both in the dripping bowl, and in a packet.  Shockingly poor housekeeping there.

Diced the contents of a small can of corned beef, and added it to the cooking onion.  Stirred these around until both onion and corned beef were soft.

Drained the veg, and added the potato – mashed it gently down into the pan with a masher so everything started to meld together, then added the cabbage and stirred everything round.  Started patting the mixture down so it would brown, which it did quite helpfully.

I ate mine with lashings of HP Sauce.  Pete had Lea and Perrins, but he’s peculiar.

Haven’t had this for ages, and had forgotten what nice comfort food it is.