broad beans with feta and pasta

broad beans, originally uploaded by ramtops.

I shelled these last night, because I knew I wanted to cook them for lunch – I have taken up Morris Dancing (yes, really!), and practice is on Tuesdays, so I prefer to have my main meal at lunchtiime then.

So: chopped an onion, and put it in some olive oil to fry down. Put some pasta on to cook, and then added the beans about 7 minutes before the end.

Diced half a block of feta cheese, and tore some fresh basil into pieces (we keep a pot of basil on the kitchen windowsill – it is just the most gorgeous herb).

When the pasta/veg was cooked, hurled it in the onion pan with the cheese and basil, and added a little lemon juice, and some black pepper. Stirred it all round, ate from bowls.

Lovely summer lunch.

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  1. Carla Lomg says:

    My personal only complaint is that there was so many bones that used the space in the actual crockpot we were left with almost no broth. My husband was thinking we’re able to just make the soup while using boullion cubes water the particular onion and ginger and get a comparable result. I just am unsure how much flavor we actually got from your beef bones. Carla Lomg

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