planning ahead

Me and himself have been a bit unwell this week, and not up to cooking.  We are thus building up a bit of a glut of vegetables, and we are away this Saturday night, and Friday/Saturday/Sunday next weekend.

I’ll cancel next week’s veg box, but we have about 6 courgettes, 4 red peppers (I foolishly bought some on Saturday, then more arrived in the box), an aubergine, half a cabbage and a stack of runner beans to deal with.

The thought of having to chuck any of this away fills me with horror, so I’ve been giving some though on how to deal with it all, especially as I’m not likely to have much time before we leave for the Bank Holiday weekend.

There’s a bag of naked meatballs in the freezer, so I’m going to make a sauce with tomatoes, red peppers and courgettes (and onions and herbs from the garden) and freeze some portions of that.  I’m going to have a bash at a lentil moussaka filling, which will see off the aubergine, and the runner beans will be cooked up in an Indian style, and a portion or two frozen.

The cabbage we will see off tonight, with some mozzarella and bacon (which also needs dealing with).

Oh, and there’s a pak choi left – I have a vague plan to stir fry it with some other bitsa, and put it into wraps for lunch tomorrow.  I feel really quite remarkably organised!

[edit] Aaargh – there’s a stack of fresh peas too!  Help …