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pork terrine with bubble and squeak

using up: pork terrine, cooked cabbage, an elderly swede

I made a lovely pork and spinach terrine as part of the Christmas Fayre, but what with us being unwell, we didn’t eat much of it.  I put half in the freezer, but I was a bit concerned about the piece remaining in the fridge, but what to do with it?

We cut it into chunks, and hurled it in the Remoska – how I love that thing!  Boiled up potato and half a swede, then roughly mashed them in the pan (no milk or butter).  Put more beef dripping than is probably good for us into a frying pan, and added the mashed veg, and the cabbage.  Patted it all down into a sort of cake, and then the tricky bit – leave it alone.  It’s very tempting to stir it about, but I find with B&S that you need to just let it cook and brown.  You can flip up the edges, of course, to see how it’s doing.  When it’s brown, turn it over in installments, so there are plenty of crispy bits.

I ate mine with lashings of tomato ketchup, while Pete (who is peculiar) had Lee and Perrins with his.

pasta with meatballs and courgettes

Using up:  sausagemeat

Apologies for the lack of posting – Pete and I have been laid low from the lurgy, and very little has been happening in the cooking department.  We made the last of the goose into a risotto, and then we had macaroni cheese on Wednesday – one of the best comfort foods in the world.

While rummaging through the fridge yesterday, I found some sausagemeat – not enough to turn into sausage rolls, but enough to do something with.

I turned a couple of slices of bread into breadcrumbs in the Magimix, then combined the sausage meat with enough crumbs to make a nice texture, and added some dried oregano.  Browned them off in some olive oil, then popped them in the Remoska to continue cooking while I did the rest.  I love that little gadget, and now I want a bigger one!

Chopped an onion and a few cloves of garlic, and sautéd them down in some olive oil.  Sliced up a couple of courgettes and added them to the pan, and stirred about a bit, then hurled in a tin of tomatoes and a chopped dried chilli, and a sloosh of red wine.

Left that lot to cook while I boiled some quick pasta.  When it was done, I transferred the meatballs to a casserole dish, added the pasta, then poured the tomato and veg over it, stirred it about a bit, and popped a chopped mozarella on the top, and some basil leaves.

Gas 6 / 200 for 25 minutes.  Lovely.

there will be banana muffins for breakfast tomorrow

I know this because we decided to have chicken and chickpeas from the freezer for supper, as I have to go to a Parish Plan meeting, and it’s a bit early for us to stop and cook for 7 p.m.

I duly removed said tub and set it on the worktop to thaw.  I was quite perplexed to look at it a couple of hours later and see that it bore a label of “banana muffin mix”.  And indeed that is what’s in it.  I’ll bake ’em for breakfast.

The Remoska is currently thawing the chicken and chickpeas for me.

my baby Remoska

I’ve been after a Remoska for a while – they look such a great idea, so I’ve been keeping an eye out on eBay.

I really want a big one, but I thought it would be sensible to start with a little chap, not least because we cook a lot of food in our small Le Creuset casserole, and we have to put the big oven on for it.

I picked up a new one for £51 (they are £68 new), and I shall be warming up our chicken and chickpeas from the freezer for tonight’s dinner.  I’m quite excited!

Baby Remoska details here at Lakeland.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.