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a trip to the butcher

I am currently between treadmills – sold the old one (basic, no inclines, no programmes) and it was collected on Wednesday, and its replacement (whizzy!) is arriving this afternoon, ghods willing. And so, the horror, I have taken myself *outside* to the park for my constitutional the past couple of mornings.

Yesterday it was -2C, and frosty paths, but a beautiful sunny day. And on the way home, I noticed that the inestimable T L Norman of Princes Ave was actually open at 8.30 a.m. So this morning, I added a shopping bag and my purse to the iPhone, and set off round the park (less cold, but chill wind and very grey, thank you for asking), and called in on route for home.

I bought:

1 huuuuge chicken (which will have been scratching about in the dirt outside)
about 1kg of pork shoulder, skinned and diced for me
8 fat rashers of back bacon (no water in that, no sirree Bob)

And then he informed me that he had venison “in the back”. And brought me out a selection of cuts. I picked a leg roast, which I could slice into steaks if we wanted, but I suspect it’ll go in as is. Well, it’ll almost certainly go in the freezer first, but you know.

That little lot came to Β£25.40. And we will get at least 5 meals off the chicken, plus soup. At least 3 from the pork, probably 4. And at least 2 from the venison. Which comes to 22 portions of cracking good meat for just over a quid a throw. Which is nice.