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a sossidge baguette

For some reason, I’ve hardly used the Remoska since we’ve been here.  This kitchen has less countertop, and less cupboard space than my old one, and the little chap has been pushed into a cupboard, but even so …

We had two fat venison sausages left from the weekend, and thought they’d be nice in a fresh baked baguette (I like to keep those part-baked ones in for a change).  Inspiration struck!

I peeled a big onion, cut it in half, then sliced it thinly, and put it in the bottom of the Remoska, drizzled with olive oil, added the sossidges and switched it on.  After 20 minutes, I went back downstairs and turned the sausages.

Fifteen minutes later, I removed them, sliced them into four lengthways, we scooped out the onion and piled it into buttered baguettes and added the sausages.  I slathered mine with French’s deli mustard too, but that’s because I is a gourmet.

Fab, and hardly any washing up!


We are huge fans of sossidge – we buy nice ones whenever we see them, and stash them in the freezer. They’re real comfort food for us, and when we don’t know what to have to supper, the cry of “sossidge” will be heard chez Jordan.

And sossidge it was last night – some Merguez beef ones which I got from lord knows where. I wish I did know, as they were lovely, as were the other ones which came from the same place. Ho hum.

I cooked them in the baby Remoska, just to see if it would work, and it did! I want a bigger one now, so I shall haunt eBay.

They were accompanied by fried potato – I took two largeish spuds, and quartered them lengthways to make big wedges. Boiled them for 12 minutes, then fried them in groundnut oil in the wok, which gave them a very slight Thai flavour after last night’s thai stir fry! (And we had baked beans too, and I don’t care.