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Sorry for silence lately. I moved the domain and the nameservers fell off (professional, eh? :), and we’ve been just swamped with other stuff.

We had a mega party here over the Royal Wedding weekend, specifically *not* to celebrate same. It was a blast, and just as an aide memoire, this is what we cooked:

  • 5kgs of chicken breast was turned into lemony chicken and coriander, with dhal. We bought several packs of chapatti to go with this, and entirely forgot to serve them, so another post looms about that.
  • 5kgs of stewing steak was turned into a sort of French-ish casserole – marinaded overnight with brandy, red wine, orange juice, juniper berries, black peppercorns, garlic,  and anything else that looked suitable, then decanted into the slow cooker with a tin of tomatoes and more seasoning and courgette/carrot/onion and some flageolet beans. That which didn’t fit was placed into to the ancient cast iron casserole and oven-cooked as Emergency Backup Casserole. We had three bags of new potatoes to serve with those. Guess what?
  • For puddings, we did a mega rhubarb and fresh ginger crumble, a lemon and honey cheesecake on a ginger bikket base, a Danish apple rye cake (by special request) and, of course, a chocolate moooooooose.
  • There were snacking things in the afternoon, including onion and goat cheese tartlets, and sossidge rolls.

It all seemed to go rather well, and we discovered that we *can* feed thirty people at a time. Just 🙂

The emergency backup casserole was not required, so we fed it to a couple of late stragglers the following day with sugar snap peas and some of the new potatoes, we put some in the freezer, and the last little bit we made into a pie with the remainder of the sausage roll pastry (yes, it was frozen. Kill me now). And here it is.