what’s in the freezer?

Well, a lot. And we need to eat it, because after Christmas is a bit tough financially, and I want to lay in some stocks in case Mme May runs amok and takes us out of the  EU with no deal, which I wouldn’t put past her. Don’t start me on politics, OK?  Just don’t.

Please note that the photo is not my freezer – I can’t stand back far enough to get a photo of mine that would show you the chaos within. But trust me that it is more chaotic than this picture.

Anyway, as I sit here in front of the wood burner, on what should be the first working day of the year (but Pete and I are struck with the lurgy), I fell to wondering just what is in the freezer. And off the top of my head, this is some of it (but almost certainly not all)

  • a box of cooked goose, waiting to be a pie
  • one cooked chicken breast (I tend to cook up a few at a time, for quick pasta/stirfry/sandwiches)
  • also, a small box of cooked chicken, from the last roast chickie!
  • two packs of puff pastry (see goose above)
  • two lbs of sausage meat, in separate bags
  • one smallish piece of leg of pork
  • one larger piece of leg of pork, bought because I decided the smaller piece was too small
  • at least one pack each of small sausages and pigs in blankets – actually, there’s two each; I just went and looked
  • two packs of bacon
  • three small boxes of cooked red cabbage
  • one box of vegetarian chilli
  • some fish fingers (number unknown)
  • four cod fillets
  • four tuna fillets
  • a couple of salmon fillets
  • some random Indian stuff, some home made, some from Iceland – at least two meals worth
  • frozen blueberries
  • various frozen veg
  • 3/4 of a bag of ice
  • four small sirloin steaks (bought on special offer from Lidl just before Christmas)
  • a bag of ready made sausage rolls, and two Greggs cranberry and turkey sausage rolls (I know, I know, but they’re lovely)
  • a loaf and a half of sliced bread, two fruit teacakes, a pack of brioche buns, and a couple of other rolls

So, I need to get my creative hat on, and make some meals with a lot of this stuff. Keep reading!