very quick asparagus and pasta

first asparagus of the season

We love asparagus, but we only eat it in May/June, when it is British grown – somehow imported stuff doesn’t taste the same. Well, it doesn’t taste of anything, really. So we tend to gorge a bit when the local stuff is in season.

I picked up two bunches from a roadside stall in Norfolk on Sunday, and we ate the first last night. While the pasta water was coming to the boil, I trimmed the asparagus spears, and put them in the steamer basket as 150g of fusilli was cooking. Made a rapid dressing of lemon juice and 30ml of olive oil, grated  about 30g of parmesan, drained the pasta, and stirred it all together with lashings of freshly grated black pepper.

Took 15 minutes start to finish, and was lovely and summery. Approx 475 calories per serving.