tired brassica pakoras

Sorry, more sprouts, but that’s the last of them for now, I promise.  Oh, and Pete wrote this, hence the long spice list!

These pakoras were made with leftover cooked sprouts and an aging quarter cabbage lurking in the fridge veg drawer, but anything similar would do! Cauliflower, peas, potatoes – great way to use up any cooked veg.

Chop, and boil cabbage for 10 minutes in a little water (don’t discard the water after), and quarter the cooked sprouts. Dice an onion or two. Finely chop a knob of ginger.

Combine chopped ingredients and drained cabbage with a little grain mustard and lots of ground spices; I used turmeric, coriander seed, cumin seed, garam masala, dried chile, asafœtida, cinnamon, ginger, kalonji, black peppercorns, oh and some salt.

Add enough gram flour to bind, and the cabbage water you kept, blended with some white wine vinegar and a little maple syrup, sufficient to leave the mixture moist but not overly wet. Stir thoroughly with your implement of choice – I used a fork.

Cover and leave, overnight ideally, in a cool place for the mixture to bind; this isn’t necessary, but helps keep things from breaking up whilst frying

Heat a little oil in a large frying pan, and place pakora sized blobs in, flattening them with a spatula, and fry until cooked on each side, and possessing of essential food group brown crunchy bits. Turn out onto kitchen roll on a large plate to drain.

(These could be deep-fried. of course, but that’s a lot more hassle and really isn’t needed…). Apologies – the one in the photograph is quite, erm, well cooked 🙂