this week's soup 11 feb 08

Bit late with this, as first we finished last week’s soup, and yesterday we had -shock horror- Tuscan bean soup from the Co-Op, as I have a cold and hadn’t made any and wanted soup.

The Co-Op was selling bags of “stew pack” veg reduced to 99p – a bunch of carrots, a swede, a parsnip and some onions.  Seemed ideal, so I hurled one into the basket.

Last night, I cleaned/scraped/peeled as necessary and chopped them up in the Magimix (which now has a new bowl and lid, and looks very shiny indeed).  Sautéd them in a bit of olive oil in the soup pot for a bit to start them off.   I added the finely chopped green tops of the leeks we had for supper, which I shall tell you about later.

Then this morning I added some lentils (couldn’t tell you how many – a mugful or so probably), a carton of passata*, seasoning and what looked like an appropriate amount of water.  Set it over a low heat, to mulch to itself for about three  hours.

It’s almost lunchtime, and it smells gorgeous.