Tescowatch (an occasional series)

George Monbiot writes in today’s Guardian.

I have been writing about it for years. But it’s only now, when I’m caught in the middle of it, that the full force of this injustice hits me. Like everyone else here I feel powerless, unstrung as I watch disaster unfolding in slow motion.

There’s a similar battle going on in Bedminster, about 3 miles from where we live. And Tesco will win. They always win.


  1. Yes, they do always win, sadly. You know, I shopped there this week (not my normal shop but I did) and as I walked around the shop I wondered what I was doing there. Thanks for the nudge, I won’t be there next week.

  2. James Semple says:

    Hi guys,

    We are a little town soon to be swamped by an enormous Tesco to be built on a floodplain. After years of fighting, we have finally been defeated by the greed of the local authority.

    The planning permission has lots of conditions and we want to set up a group called TescoWatch to make sure that they comply with all of them. I see you are also using this name. Did you get Tesco permission ? Is there any case law on this sort of thing ?


  3. mac says:

    @James – no, I didn’t ask them! No idea about case law.

    Good luck – when Tesco finally got planning permission in Golden Hill, Bristol, they rode a coach and horses through the conditions, sadly.

  4. James Semple says:

    Thanks, Mac. We’ll go for it and see what happens.


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