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prawn and mushroom wraps

Morrisons had raw prawns (sonny Jim*) on special offer on Tuesday – two packs for £4. The packs weren’t all that big, but one made a stirfry last night with a couple of courgettes, and the other made lunch.

Took a pair of tortilla wraps, and put a layer of spinach on each. This was slightly more complex than it should have been, as the two remaining wraps had gone mouldy, so I had to hurtle up to Jacksons for another pack. I left the mushrooms (about 150g) in about two teaspoons of oil on a very low heat while I did the 10 minute round trip.

When they were about cooked, I added the prawns and a large pinch of garam masala, and moved it all about until the prawns were pink. Added about 3 tsps of creme fraiche, dolloped onto the spinach, and wrapped.

Really nice, and about 240 calories each.

*A reference to  Kirstie McColl song, m’lud.

tortilla-ish sort of thing

As our regular reader will know, we are desperate to reclaim some freezer space.  So, on Friday evening, I removed two tubs – one labelled “black bean tortilla mix” and one bearing the legend “beef and mushroom pie filling”.  And yesterday morning I fished out the packet of organic wheaten wraps that had been languishing in there for a while.

But when I opened the black bean mix, we realised that it must have been planned for a swift lunch – there really wasn’t enough in there to do supper.  As far as we could tell, it was black beans, onions, garlic, tomato.

So I boiled up some potatoes (including, in an opportunistic sort of manner, enough to put towards a nice Sunday brunch), then fried them off in olive oil with some pancetta cubes, thus padding out the bean mix quite nicely.  This was divided between four wraps (a big mistake – it was far too much and we ate it all [groan]), skewered with cocktail sticks.

Then we made a swift sauce from onion and garlic fried off in olive oil, a diced yellow pepper and a finely chopped red chilli, carton of chopped tomatoes (and pinch of sugar).  Poured it over the wraps, scattered with chopped fresh coriander and half a package of feta.  Baked in the oven for 25 minutes.