plum (and pear) crumble

Using up: plums and a pear As I’ve mentioned before, we’re not good with fruit.  we buy it, and are full of good intentions, but somehow we don’t actually *eat* it when we should.  So there was a punnet of six lovely golden plums sat by the fruit bowl, *looking* at me.  And a lone…

this week's veg box

Lovely stuff – rhubarb, asparagus, melon, broccoli, bananas, orange, tomatoes, pointy cabbage, courgettes. From Riverford. So: asparagus and lemon risotto rhubarb rumble indian cabbage with rice stir-fried broccoli courgette and pasta bake We can have the melon, bananas and oranges for breakfast. Yum!

breakfast, before and after

Somehow, we have acquired a lot of fruit. We’re not good at eating it, and Riverford keep bringing it. We’ve been eating porridge for breakfast through the winter, mostly, but I think we must now attack the fruit backlog. Or possibly open a market stall. And so – breakfast.