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cucumber stir fry

cucumber and onion
I’m always looking out for things to eat for lunch that aren’t “crackers, cheese and cold meat”, especially at this time of year when soup is off the menu.

I found 1 1/2 rather tired cucumbers in the veg drawer, which is odd, as we normally demolish them quite quickly.  They’re only courgettes in another form, so I decided to cook them for lunch.

I chopped them into chunks (didn’t bother skinning them), and peels and cut an onion in half, before slicing it as thinly as I could (not very :).  Minced up some garlic and fresh ginger.

Put some noodles on to cook, and heated some groundnut oil in the wok.  In went a teaspoon or so of sesame seeds, followed by the garlic, ginger, cucumber and onion.

Stirfried it all for about 5 minutes or so, then added a little soy sauce, and some torn basil leaves, as we happen to have a basil plant on the kitchen window sill.

Drained the noodles and added them to the wok.  Made a really nice change.

broccoli and cucumber stir fry

stir fry

using up: broccoli, cucumber

“Stir fried cucumber?” you cry.  Yes indeed – why not?  It’s only a courgette, almost, and stir fries up very well.

Steam or blanch or whatever the broccoli for a few  minutes, then drain.  I kept the water for next week’s soup – I’m like that.  In fact, I used it to make some broccoli/chicken stock with the remains of a chicken breast, but we’ll come to that later.

Mince garlic and ginger, hurl in the wok with some groundnut oil and sesame seeds.  Add sliced red pepper and cucumber, and chopped spring onions, and stir for five minutes or so.  Add broccoli and soy sauce.  Cook a bit more.  Add some cooked noodles, stir together, serve in bowls.