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Sunday supper

asparagus stir-fried with ginger and red chilli rhubarb and ginger sponge pudding

As previously noted, we picked up the first local asparagus of the year on Saturday; with it, we cooked one of our favourites – asparagus stir-fried with ginger and red chilli. It sounds a terrible thing to do to fresh asparagus, I know, but trust me … it really is glorious.

We followed this with a rhubarb and ginger sponge pudding – bit piggy, really, but it is Sunday. I discovered the wondrous combination of rhubarb and fresh ginger a couple of years ago; I was following a recipe that called for stem ginger in syrup, and I thought it would be too sweet, so lobbed some finely minced fresh in instead. We’ve never looked back!

If you don’t have any ginger in the house (and you *should*, of course) remember that elderflower works wonderfully well with rhubarb too, so a splash of elderflower cordial would make a very good substitute, although I’d cut the sugar down a little in that case.

Rhubarb is a Very Fine Thing indeed.

vodka chocolate chillis

I saw this on LJ, and thought of Sasha.

Make a slit in the side of the chilli and remove membrane and seeds. Then you marinate them in vodka for 12 hours+. Then you pipe a mixture of white chocolate, vodka and freshly ground black pepper into the cavities, chill, and finally dip in dark (60%+) chocolate.

The combination of chocolate, pepper, vodka and chilli works remarkably well, but its still difficult to eat more than one of them. The green chillis especially were scary and eating them brought tears to the eyes and profanities to the lips.