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broccoli and cucumber stir fry

stir fry

using up: broccoli, cucumber

“Stir fried cucumber?” you cry.  Yes indeed – why not?  It’s only a courgette, almost, and stir fries up very well.

Steam or blanch or whatever the broccoli for a few  minutes, then drain.  I kept the water for next week’s soup – I’m like that.  In fact, I used it to make some broccoli/chicken stock with the remains of a chicken breast, but we’ll come to that later.

Mince garlic and ginger, hurl in the wok with some groundnut oil and sesame seeds.  Add sliced red pepper and cucumber, and chopped spring onions, and stir for five minutes or so.  Add broccoli and soy sauce.  Cook a bit more.  Add some cooked noodles, stir together, serve in bowls.

stir fried broccoli with almonds

broccoli and almonds

Using up: a head of broccoli, and some of a tin of roast salted almonds we found in the depths of the cupboard

Chopped the florets off the broccoli, and then sliced the stalk into rounds about 1/2″ thick.  Blanched for about 4 minutes.

Mince up garlic and ginger, chopped an onion.  Put some groundnut oil in the wok (not too much – I’m trying to cut down on oil and salt and stuff [sob]).  Added a teaspoon or so of sesame seeds when it was hot, then the garlic / ginger / onion.  Stirred them about until they were looking cooked, then added the broccoli and almonds; about 2 tablespoons of almonds, I would guess.  Then added a goodly sloosh of shoyu, and a little water.

Boiled up some egg noodles to go with it – stirred them all round in the wok together before service.  Quick, light, lovely.