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a squeaky breakfast

halloumi breakfast

Our local cafe, run by an affable Romanian named  Ricardo, does a splendid breakfast of halloumi, roasted veg, hash brown, a sausage patty, tomato (for those that want it – I certainly don’t!) and toast, for £4.99.  It’s delicious, but by the time you’ve bought coffee, you’re up to thirteen quid or so for two, so I decided to have a go at home.

  • two chipolatas from the local butcher, baked in the oven
  • One red and one green pepper sliced, four cloves of garlic, one sliced onion, a handful of mushrooms, cooked down slowly in some olive oil on the hob {1}
  • half a block of halloumi, sliced and dry fried
  • some left over cooked spuds, sautéd in some olive oil

Readers, it was delicious, and we shall do it again. And probably again. And there is enough vegetable left to do for tomorrow’s lunch – I shall sling in a can of chickpeas to boost it up

{1} The pepper mix was very liquid. I might actually roast the veg next time, but we live and learn.

blueberry pancakes


Milk going sour, and wizened blueberries? Simple!

Beat one egg into 4 oz of plain flour, add ¼ pint of milk (yes, I know the measurements are mixed, but it’s Pete’s recipe), 1½   tsp baking powder, ½ teaspoon cream of tartar, ¼ teaspoon of salt, squirt of lemon juice, two teaspoons of olive oil. Blueberries optional.

Cook on hot griddle.

breakfast tortilla

(or gorilla, as my spell checker initially suggested)

In my ongoing battle to lose weight, one of the things that works for me is a wide variety. I saw the Hairy Bikers do a take on this last week (why did nobody tell me about their diet show?!), so I picked up a pack of wraps yesterday. 

serves 2

Two rashers of bacon put to cook in the Remoska, while I had a shower. Piled some spinach leaves on the wraps, and when the bacon was done, wrapped it in kitchen roll to absorb the fat. 

Scrambled four eggs with 9g of butter and a splash of semi-slimmed milk. Put egg on spinach, put bacon on egg, wrapped the wrap. Nothing fell out, and it was just *lovely*. I’ve always scrambled eggs with cream, and lots of butter, and while these weren’t quite as good, the were very nice indeed. 

421 calories. 

Can now see lots of low calory Things To Do With Wraps.  

Remoska Sunday

Started with Sunday breakfast – put a stack of chopped mushrooms, black pudding and bacon in the shallow Remoska pan and turned it on; to be frank, I had little expectation of it working well, but I beat some eggs and cream for scrambly egg and hoped for the best.

And in fifteen minutes, we had … perfectly cooked bacon, black pudding and mushrooms! No grease all over the kitchen, no smell through the house. I quickly scrambled the eggs, and we thought “we’ll do that again!’. And we will.

Flushed with success, I prepared a casserole. I peeled lots and lots of tiny onions (if you’re doing this, soak them in boiling water for a bit – makes the peeling much easier, and gives you oniony water, which I have saved for the soup pot!), chopped some carrots into batons, and hurled them into the breakfast Remoska pan – no need to waste that nice bacon flavour, I thought! They sat in there to start cooking while I cut up the shin of beef, and browned it off in a big wok. Into the big Remoska pan it went, along with some white beans which I soaked and boiled the day before, and I added ginger wine, all spice, juniper berries, seasoning, and two tangerines which were boiled for about 10 minutes then whizzed up in the food processor, skin and all.

Everything was put in the big Remoska pan and set to cook. Oh dear. I don’t quite know what I did wrong, but it started to burn on the top rather too quickly. I put a layer of foil between lid and contents, and I think I should have done that a lot sooner. After about another half hour, I got cold feet, and transferred everything to a big cast iron casserole, and set it on a diffuser over a low gas setting for a couple more hours.

Must do some more reading up on Remoska cooking!

sunday breakfast

Sunday breakfast

We often have a cooked breakfast on a winter Sunday – although we usually do so much food that we lie groaning on the sofa for the afternoon, and just have some scones or something for supper.

We fancied something more substantial than usual today, but we were more restrained – four eggs scrambled with a little cream and some chopped chives from the garden, four rashers of locally “grown” bacon, and three bagels between us.  I had HP Sauce too – obviously.  Just enough, and leaving room for roast chickie! tonight.

We ate it while watching Turn Left, this week’s Doctor Who episode, which I thought was exceeding good.  And now I’m working, which isn’t, given it’s Sunday afternoon.  Ho hum.


Being tired and hungry, we thought we’d have some porridge this morning, so I found the box with the oats in, and bunged the requisite amounts of them, the milk and the water into a bowl, and placed it in the microwave.

And only then noticed that the bag said “best before April 03”. How bad could it be, I thought? When they were cooked, they didn’t smell very appetising, to be honest; so Pete had a rummage in the cupboard where we keep such things, and emerged triumphantly waving another bag of porridge oats.

“Best before 2000”, it said.

So we’re still hungry.