using up: pot roast stock and veg

At least, that’s what we call them … it’s a Scottish dish, and a great way to use up stuff.  We did a pot roast for Sunday lunch the weekend before last (sorry, been really busy decorating, so no time to write blog posts!), and were left with a big jugful of gorgeous gravy with carrots and shallots.

Cut a couple of onions in half, and slice thinly, so you have half rings, if that makes sense.  Melt some dripping – and it has to be dripping, don’t mess about with olive oil or so forth – in a large pan, and cook the onions until they are just starting to brown.

While that’s going on, slice some potatoes fairly thinly (no need to peel), and when the onions are ready, add the spuds to the pot and turn them around so they are covered in onion-y fat.  Then add sufficient gravy to just cover, put a lid on and set on a low heat for about 35-40 minutes.  You’ll get a gorgeous potful of beefy spud, which will go beautifully with cold roast beef.  Trust me.