stir fried sprouts

We were approaching a glut of brussels sprouts – half a stalk in the shed, and yesterday’s veg box brought us another stalkful.  As my regular reader will notice, we’re not really “meat and two veg” eaters, so sprouts don’t tend to be something that fit easily into our cooking.

So, I experimented …

Snapped the half a stalkful of sprouts off their stalk, trimmed them, and cut them in half.  Slivered some fresh ginger and garlic, and softened that in some groundnut oil in a wok.  Added the sprouts, and cooked them for about five minutes, stirring all the while.  Then added a splash of tamari, a spoonful of runny honey, and some salted roast peanuts, and cooked for another couple of minutes.

Mixed in some noodles, and ate from bowls.  Not at all bad, although I think I would parboil the sprouts a little next time.

Sorry, no photo – didn’t come out well.