soups of the week ending 11 nov 2018

I’ve decided I should more properly entitle these “soups” of the week, as they are different every day. So I am, starting now.

the soup box

This is the box I keep in the fridge, and all the Bits For Soup get put in it. This was its status on 6 Nov 2018

Monday 5th: there was a little bit of Thursday’s soup left last week. and I entirely forgot about it. And then there was a little bit of Friday’s soup left too. So they were decanted into one box in the fridge, and they went into the soup maker for today, along with half a rather weary courgette.

Tuesday 6th:  one potato, half a leek.

Not quite sure what happened the rest of the week – I was out on Wednesday and Thursday, and we went to the People’s Vote march in York on Saturday.

Still, plenty more soup to come.