smoked salmon and pasta

smoked salmon pastaWe’re getting to the time of year when we’re using up all the bits and bobs of festive fare. The last of the goose has gone into the freezer, the rest of the cheese is destined for lunches this week, along with the gammon. We’ve eaten far too much rich food over the past few days, so we’re looking for simpler meals now for a while, but this is actually quite luxurious.

Put some pasta on to cook – we had spaghetti, but honestly, this works with any pasta.

Slice an onion and a red pepper, and sauté them down in a little olive oil until they’re soft. Slice up a pack of smoked salmon; if you have cats, they will be under your feet while you do this, trust me. Add the cooked pasta to the pan, with a little lemon juice, black pepper, and some double cream.

Scoff. Really quick and easy. fifteen minutes start to finish.