prawn and mushroom wraps

Morrisons had raw prawns (sonny Jim*) on special offer on Tuesday – two packs for £4. The packs weren’t all that big, but one made a stirfry last night with a couple of courgettes, and the other made lunch.

Took a pair of tortilla wraps, and put a layer of spinach on each. This was slightly more complex than it should have been, as the two remaining wraps had gone mouldy, so I had to hurtle up to Jacksons for another pack. I left the mushrooms (about 150g) in about two teaspoons of oil on a very low heat while I did the 10 minute round trip.

When they were about cooked, I added the prawns and a large pinch of garam masala, and moved it all about until the prawns were pink. Added about 3 tsps of creme fraiche, dolloped onto the spinach, and wrapped.

Really nice, and about 240 calories each.

*A reference to  Kirstie McColl song, m’lud.

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