oat and molasses bread


Left with the rest of the jar of molasses that Real Foods kindly sent me to try, I decided to give this recipe a go. It meant I had to dig my American cup measures out for the first time in ages, and if I want to make it again, I’l translate the recipe into metric measures.

I used all the 350g of flour – about 2 parts strong white, 1 part wholemeal and 1 part rye. And I wrestled a bit with the molasses as it is, by its very nature, extremely sticky. So it stuck to the spoons I used to get it out of the jar, and it stuck to the cup measure, and it stuck to the spoons again. And the dough was, as you might have anticipated, exceeding sticky too.

molasses and oat bread in progress

When I put it to do its first rise, I thought that it wasn’t going to do anything much, but I put the bowl on a sunny windowsill, and it looked as though it was ready to invade Poland after a couple of hours (comparatively speaking). And knocking it back made me all sticky again (I did the first mix in the KitchenAid with the dough hook).

But it rose and made a lovely loaf. Bit like a soft pumpernickel. Very sweet, though.

Note to self (and you, should you give it a try); flouring the baking tray wasn’t enough; next time I’ll use baking parchment.

This was one of the things I made on a busy baking Sunday (no point in wasting a hot oven!); more to follow.