not so much Reactive, as desperate

Having been diligent in using up absolutely everything before we went away, we found ourselves with hardly anything to eat when we returned on Friday night.

We got home just after 7 p.m., and I’m ashamed to say we had a Chinese takeaway that night.  Pete manfully cycled off to North Street and got a stack of fruit from the greengrocer on Saturday (the car is off the road while it waits for a no doubt expensive piece of pipe to arrive from Mitsubishi).  I did a big Sainsburys order for delivery yesterday (Sunday), and the Riverford box will be here tomorrow.

So Saturday was a tub of Indian lentils from the freezer, with basmati rice, and Sunday was a tub of chicken and chickpeas from the freezer, with brown rice.  And tonight will be black-eyed beans with tomatoes, and still more rice.  I’ll give you the recipe later – it’s very nice.

[edit] Here’s the recipe as promised.

But I *yearn* for some fresh veg … and to get back to actually cooking.