New Year's Eve 2009

As always, we entertained on New Year’s Eve, very happily seeing the same three friends we have spent the evening with for many years – they all travelled to our new house here in Hull.

We have a wonderful butcher at the top of the road – they don’t have a lot out on display, but there is plenty of stock out the back.  I asked for a piece of belly pork to feed eight (I like to over cater :), and he produced a wonderful piece from the stock room, which he said had just come in that morning.  I asked if it was still snorting, and he responded that it was probably squeaking 🙂  Their shop window claims that all their meat is locally sourced,

I turned it into slow roast belly pork with fennel seeds, one of our favourites, and it was absolutely gorgeous. We had it with potatoes and red onions in balsamic vinegar, which I shall write up later – I found the recipe in a Jamie Oliver book.  And broccoli.

And to follow, I did my first ever meringue … hazelnut meringue roulade with chocolate cream.  It is a tradition for NYE that I do a pudding that requires an ambulance – I think I excelled myself this time!

In the morning, I cooked a full English, with mushrooms, black pudding, sausages, and bacon and eggs from the aforementioned butcher.  This is the first bacon we’d had from there, and it was lovely – no water came out of it at all,  I’m going to cultivate a relationship with this shop – their meat really is outstanding.

I wish my readers a happy and prosperous 2010!

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