nearly disastrous mixed berry scones

mixed berry scones

I always use this Nigella Lawson recipe from Nibblous when I make scones. It’s an absolute cracker – they never fail to rise, no matter what you do. You can mix the flour up with wholemeal, add cheese, have them plain or cheesy, whatever.

Last night we fancied fruit ones, so I did about 60/40 wholemeal/white flour and put it in the food processor, weighed out the Trex and marg (it really is worth using Trex for scones and pastry – it gives them a real lightness), then turned the food processor on, and startedd adding the milk, until I got a nice doughy consistency. At which point, I saw the bowl with the fats in, still sitting on the scales …

Nothing for it but to put that in the food processor, and hope for the best. It looked OK, and I kneaded in half a bag of mixed berries by hand (the Magimix tends to pulverise such things). And, curiously, they were the lightest scones I think I’ve ever made. Which should prove something, although I know not what.