the finished moussaka

Last night was moussaka, loosely based on this recipe. Things are pretty much always loosely based on recipes here, depending on what we have and what we feel like eating.

I suspect adding a layer of spinach into the dish in between the meat and the aubergine is not authentic, but we had it, and it worked, so what the hell. I couldn’t be bothered to zest a lemon either – there was a half lemming clingfilmed in the fridge, so I chopped it into chunks and hurled it in, then fished it out again when the meat was cooked. We add some cumin too.

You’ll also note the celery and carrot – I usually start any sort of meat casserole-y thing with some diced veg like that, sometimes a courgette too if there’s one about. Sauté them down, and they add a richness and sweetness to the proceedings.

perlmonger got to do the aubergine frying for a change, and I supervised watched.