Mediterranean vegetables and lentils


I often make a Moroccan lentils sort of thing – lentils with ras al hangout spices, garlic and onions.  I generally cook up a batch for the freezer, and they turn into a nice aubergine bake, or a lentil moussaka. I got a tub full out the other day to make the former, and then didn’t get round to it for some reason. And we were going away for the weekend, and there were veg in the fridge that needed using up.

So I chopped up two aubergines. one red pepper, some red onions, a sweet potto, and a butternut squash, and cooked them down in a little olive oil. Added garlic and ginger, and a tin of coconut milk, and then enough water to cover the veg, and simmered until they were cooked – about 40 minutes, I think. Then I added the tub of Moroccan lentils, and warmed the lot through thoroughly

it was surprisingly nice, and made eight portions, six of which have gone in the freezer.