lovely veg

A new middle eastern grocer has opened up round the corner, so we went and had a look. I don’t know if they’ll always be as cheap, but they were doing three aubergine for £1, butternut squash at £0.75 each, and all manner of other stuff. So we bore loads home, including the aforementioned, plus oranges, sweet potatoes, courgettes, red peppers, etc for the princely sum of £10.24. And they gave us the 4p off!

So on Sunday I made a *huge* tray of roast veg, and we had it with a gorgeous piece of lamb neck fillet which mugged me when I’d popped into Normans for some bacon. And a red wine sauce.

And on Tuesday, for lunch, we had roast veg with a coriander naan from the Indian shop (4 for £1). And on Tuesday, we had the last of the roast veg with fennel sausages.

All in all, a remarkably cheap and extremely nice thing. I shall go back in a couple of days and stock up again.