long winded soup

I made anĀ epic chicken soup yesterday, which will never be repeated, due to the rather convoluted process which led to it.

Firstly take one chicken. Set it on a bed of (thawed) frozen casserole veg, put a lemon inside, sprinkle with garlic powder, and roast. Serve with roast spuds, cabbage and stuffing. Second night was cold, with bubble and squeak.

Secondly, put the veg and leftover gravy into the soup maker with some lentils, and make soup. I didn’t want soup, so remainder went in the fridge.

Thirdly, get Pete to strip the carcass. Not feeling in the mood to do anything with it, put the resulting meat in the freezer.

Fourthly, put carcass in slow cooker with water to make stock. Get Pete to strip the remaining meat from the bones, and strain the stock. Place both in boxes in the fridge.

Fifthly (nearly there), remove very elderly leeks and carrots from the fridge, and chop finely. Fry off slowly in a little olive oil, in a huge cast iron pot. Remember bag of frozen diced swede, retrieve, and bung it in. Add chicken stock, chicken/lentil soup, shredded chicken, pearl barley, water and salt/pepper. Cook very slowly for a couple of hours.

Absolutely fab, and even better today. And there’s loads more.