kiwi fruit and apple crumble

kiwi fruit

using up: kiwi fruit, windfall apples

The veg box from the week before last (!) included four kiwi fruit.  Neither P nor I are enamoured of these little hairy chaps, and the only things people suggested we do with them were pavlova (Pete doesn’t like meringue) or cheesecake, which I couldn’t be bothered to make.

We still had a fair few windfall apples left, so this is what I did.

Peeled, cored and cut out the worst bruised bits of the windfalls, and put them in a pan with some water, and simmered gently for about five minutes.  I did this because I thought there was too much for one crumble, and I was going to freeze the balance.

P peeled and sliced the green things.  We drained the apple, and put a layer in the crumble dish.  There didn’t seem to be a lot of apple left at that point, so we added the rest (none to freeze).  I grated some fresh ginger over the top, and added a drizzle of honey, then we piled on the kiwi fruit.

Then a crumble mix: 6oz plain flour, 3oz brown sugar, 3oz butter, and about 1oz of hazelnuts went into the Magimix.  Whizzed it to breadcrumb texture, put it on top of the fruit, then into the oven at gas 4 for about 45 minutes.

It was … OK. We ate it, and we will finish the rest.  But we still don’t really like kiwi fruit.