indian vegetarian meal

[no photo – sorry]

Pete brought a huge bunch of coriander home from the Indian supermarket on Saturday.  We had some with a vegetable tagine, some with sour pork with rhubarb, but there was still a reasonable wodge left.

We have lots of spuds to eat too, as the rain got through the shed roof and into the sack, and I don’t know how long they’ll last.  So …

We had:

  • Madhur’s potatoes with ginger and garlic
  • basmati rice, cooked with cinnamon and black cardamon, with a big mushroom chopped up to make a sort of pillau
  • a small tub of lentils and spinach that I found lurking in the freezer at the weekend

We sprinkled a lod of coriander over it all.  A feast fit for anyone, for peanuts.  The potatoes are utterly lovely – highly recommended.