I have a wine filter kit!

A friend who used to do a lot of home winemaking told me that I should get a filter kit to “polish” my wine.  They’re not cheap cheap (about £22 or so with carriage), so I trawled eBay and found somebody selling his father’s old Boots kit.  I offered him £8 including postage, and a deal was done, and it arrived this morning.  This is handy, as I have two gallons of parsnip for bottling.

With great excitement I took it out of the box, read the instructions (which must have been written quite a long time ago – I might scan them for your edification), tried to work out where the filter papers should go (and failed), but assembled it reasonably successfully nonetheless with one of the filter pads.  Then I realised that it could probably do with a wash, and indeed a sterilise, before polishing my parsnips (that’s a nice alliteration, and is not in any way a euphimism, I assure you).

So I ran a bucket of water, put some sterlising powder in it, and dunked in the filter kit.  Pad and and all, damnit.  It’s now drying on the hall radiator – wonder if it’ll be useable …