haricot beans and cabbage

Ready steady cook 11 oct 2013


The remains of the haricots from the shepherds’ pie mix. What to do with them?

There was a cabbage in the fridge. There’s nearly always a cabbage in the fridge, and we are very samey with the way we use it, so I thought I’d do a little experiment. So I chopped about 30g of chorizo* quite small, and slung it in the baby slow cooker with a roughly chopped onion and a little olive oil.

Then, at supper time, I steamed some finely shredded cabbage, while the beans, chorizo and onion were transferred to a bigger pan, and warmed through. I added some herbs too.

*Chorizo is one of my go-to ingredients – oil and paprika and garlic in one hit. Delicious. I buy it in rings from Aldi, usually, where it is dead cheap compared to anywhere else. This one I’m using now is a fancy smoked chorizo from the food market, but even this one would have been about 50p for 30 grams.

I finely diced about 30g, and roughly chopped an onion, and slung them in the small slow cooker for an hour or so (I’m getting so much use out of that thing!), with a splash if olive oil.  I shredded about 1/3 of the cabbage, and cooked it in very little water and some ground black pepper for about six minutes. While the cabbage was cooking,tThe haricots went into a deep frying pan with a tiny bit of water to warm up, and I added some chopped herbs and the chorizo/onion mix. Drained the cabbage and added it to the bean mix. It was spectacularly good, much better than I actually expected Will be making it again!