festive fare, and the remnants …

They weren't joking!

We did the usual stuff for Christmas food that we usually do … a goose with red cabbage and sprouts on the day, a slow cooked gammon for snacks, a cake. But somehow, this year, we have heaps of stuff left, so we’ll be eating leftovers for a while!

After 13 years with small, rubbish gas cookers, I am now the proud possessor of a Neff built-in full size oven. So, inevitably, the goose was too long to fit in, and Pete had to take a hacksaw to its legs. I roasted them off separately, and they’ve gone in the freezer for later use. There is still a bowlful of cold goose meat left, which will be stirfried or possibly en-pied, the remains of the cabbage went in the freezer and was part of our New Year’s Eve dinner party. More on that story later.

So, left in the fridge is:

  • one bowl of goose bits
  • about 1/3 pack of smoked salmon (will probably go for a quick pasta lunch)
  • about half a dozen small sausages, which are only there because I didn’t see them until this afternoon – we are addicted to small sausages
  • one box of Marks and Spencer mini pies, from their party food range, and some mozzarella and  basil twists, ditto. These will do for weekday lunches; in fact, we had some M&S vol-au-vents for lunch today
  • 1/4 of the gammon (half is already in the freezer)
  • 2 boxes of cranberries

The 1.5 litres of goose stock was dumped into the slow cooker this morning with a pack of green split peas, and a venison bone, to make soup. Sadly, I did this too late for today’s lunch, but it will be lovely for tomorrow.

In the freezer is also a small lump of venison (reasons to follow), and a huge piece of pork shoulder, which Pete bought in error instead of gammon, never mind about all the other stuff. I doubt we need to buy anything but milk and veg for a month!