duck and pineapple stirfry

No photo, I’m afraid, as the household was a tad fraught last night, due to one thing and another.

I bought a pineapple last week, and Pete brought home a huge bunch of coriander.  We were going to have pork and pineapple, but somehow we ate all the coriander with other things.  Then when I went to get the basil from the fridge for Thursday night’s pasta, I realised that we had enough to open a market stall.

So yesterday morning, I took a duck breast from the freezer ready for a stirfry.  Pete manfully chopped up the pineapple – in fact he cooked the whole thing.

A tip if you’re stir frying duck is to steam it over some boiling water for a few minutes, skin side down.  It causes the fat to crisp up nicely.

He stir fried the duck first, then set it aside; then he fried the usual suspects – green onion, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, added the duck back to the wok, added some pineapple and the remaining basil.  Delicious!

We had the rest of the pineapple for breakfast this morning, combined with some strawberries.