did you get the things we needed? (an occasional series)

We sallied off to Nailsea yesterday morning – it’s a nice little town that has most of what you might need for day to day stuff. I wanted to get some more catnip for the Tribe – they love it, but they want it in a herbal form. Sadly Aaron’s Pets didn’t have any, so the search continues (we are almost out of it). I also nipped (or popped) into the opticians to have my glasses adjusted *again*.

The rest of the haul included:

  • a new cutlery drainer to replace the ancient and horrible dark green plastic thing
  • a shoe cleaning kit wooden box, reduced to £6.50 in Woolies – been after something like this for *ages*
  • a small non-stick saucepan; I don’t like non-stick, but for scrambled eggs and white sauce they’re handy
  • cress, red chillis, eggs, beansprouts, new potatoes, cabbage from the greengrocer
  • 2 plastic bottles from the pound shop, to put my vinegar and lemon juice in (switching to a green cleaning regime, bit by bit)

Then we hurtled round to Taste at Barrow Gurney, to pick up some rhubarb, and a couple of their most excellent pasties for lunch. Disaster! – all gone pasties 🙁 So instead,

  • 2 crayfish tartlets – gorgeous, consumed with homemade lentil/tomato soup for lunch
  • some Parmeggiano Reggiano
  • a small sourdough loaf
  • apple smoked bacon
  • a stalk of teeny tiny vine tomatoes
  • organic milk

And that was that. Home for lunch, then the rest of the day was mostly slumpage for me after the disturbed sleep on Friday.

Supper was sublime – we did the Boy Oliver’s Hot and Sour Pork with Rhubarb, and I recommend it most highly. Really, really lovely. And there’s enough left over to put a tub in he freezer.