did you get the things we needed (an occasional series)

We set off bright and early (for us, anyway – about 9.45) for the South Cave farmer’s market. It wasn’t a patch on the Humber Bridge one, so we won’t bother again, but we will visit the Humber Xmas Special market – they had some beautiful venison loins last week, and I fancy one for New Year’s Eve.

We did buy a pork pie, about 5″ across, with black pudding in (£3.50) which has gone in the freezer for Christmas, and two steak pasties at £1.10 apiece, and a red cyclamen for £1.60, a jar of marmalade for £1.50, and four fish cakes at £1 each.  All the stallholders were happy to stop and chat, and the quality of the local food is terrific, as are the prices.

Next off we went to the nursery nearby, and picked up sage, rosemary and thyme plants – I miss my herb garden.  I have planted oregano, basil and coriander seeds in pots on the kitchen window sill, and I’ll pot these new herbs up tomorrow.  We had a cracking breakfast there – local sausage and bacon, gorgeous black pudding (which came from Makro!), mushrooms, egg, potatoes, tea and toast for a fiver each.  We picked up a pack of bacon and some sausages from their shop.

Then off to Makro for a couple of bits.  Um.  £258 …

  • 48 tins of cat fud, 2 bags of cat bikkit, a duck for tomorrow’s dinner, a big gammon to cook up for the holiday.
  • A bottle of Bushmills single malt for medicinal purposes.
  • onions (red and white), satsumas, apples, cashews with chili
  • 2 big boxes of Maltesers,  Elizabeth Shaw mint chocs, a big Toblerone, a christmas pud (didn’t get time to make them this year).  And Twiglets, of course
  • cheese – camembert, smoked Austrian, Port Salut, Philadelphia, mozzarella, and milk and double cream, 5 packs of unsalted butter, and a huge tub of Stork marge for baking. And some good vanilla ice cream
  • pate, a pack of Italian antipasto meats, a big pack of kabanos (which Pete loves, and Costco stopped doing some time back), and a huge hunk of the black pudding we had for breakfast – I love black pud
  • 4 pairs of fluffy socks for me – my feet get so cold in this house
  • 3 kgs of plain flour, and some Yorkshire Tea for hard water – it’s like iron here
  • a 3kg tin of rhubarb, which I am going to turn into wine
  • oh – and a colour printer/scanner.  As you do.  Actually, we did need one, as our scanner was hateful and horrible and we binned it before we moved.

Broke now.