Did you get the things we needed? (an occasional series)

We sallied forth this morning to do a bit of shoppering – something we don’t necessarily enjoy, so we had several places to go. I wouldn’t say the weather was actually nice when we left, but by the time we got to Whiteladies Road, it was pouring. And neither of us had a jacket, a hat, or an umbrella. Soggy.

We started at Kitchens, where we purchased

  • a new cheese grater. The Microplane snapped its plastic handle in half last week, and we thus declined to spend £17.95 (if you please) on a replacement, and instead bought a stainless steel one for eight quid
  • 3 huge and 3 medium glass storage jars – the mission to Tidy The House continues
  • a 12 bottle wine rack. For shoes. Yes, really. Works really well, and we don’t have much any spare floor space

From there we waded round the corner to Wild Oats, the health food place.

  • two bottles of Teriyaki (two because they are tiny)
  • some laundry balls – they’d better work, at 35 quid
  • a sourdough loaf
  • Ecover washing powder and dishwasher tabs
  • no blackcurrant juice for perlmonger

In the greengrocer next door, I bought basil, mushrooms and carrots. I do very little greengrocery shopping these days, due to the Riverford box, but sometimes you gotta.

Then we hurtled over to Wai Yee Hong, the Chinese supermarket at Eastville, for

  • noodles
  • dried orange peel
  • 3kgs of bicarbonate of soda (great for cleaning)
  • oolong tea
  • fresh ginger

Next up, the Better Food Company at St Werberghs.

  • Ecover fabric conditioner
  • posh organic kitchen soap stuff
  • unpasteurised cheddar
  • brie
  • no blackcurrant juice for perlmonger
  • maple syrup

We had lunch there too – very nice pasta bake with roast peppers.

Last call was to Asda, to pick up

  • some more of the nice plastic storage boxes we bought last week – I WILL organise this house if it kisl me. Which it probably will.
  • turkey mince for Iggy, as he loves it so
  • some raw tiger prawns, to be stir fried tonight with the aforementioned basil
  • a nice little ceramic oblong dish, which will replace the one accidentally left on the gas (made a nice BANG when it exploded)
  • waffer thin meat for the cats’ treats
  • some cold meat for next week’s lunches, as I can’t be arsed to go down to Costco and buy a gammon, never mind cook it

We have to go out again in a bit to collect the wine from the offy, but that’s it, now – I’m in for the rest of the weekend.

perlmonger says he may go out on his bike tomorrow to Gloucester Road in a last ditch attempt to find the blackcurrant juice he likes, but I fear he might be better off tilting at windmills … and the forecast is very wet.